Many Pinoys are Looking for Security in the Uncertain Business Climate

Many members of the Pinoy business community are asking when and how the meltdown on Wall Street will affect them. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, AIG Insurance, Merrill Lynch, Washington Mutual, Wachovia are just the tip of the iceberg. In a globalized economy, the effects of the crisis in the United States will spread fast.

Are you prepared?

Income generating alternatives to the ‘nine-to-five job’ are becoming increasingly important in our unstable globalized economy. Many Pinoys have successfully diversified their incomes through network marketing.

Why Network Marketing?

Many members of the Pinoy community have found that a secure job or career is a thing of the past.

In the late 80s corporate downsizing spread across the industrialised world. The profound effects of downsizing are demonstrated by these U.S. statistics. In 1960, 5% of men between 30 and 55 were unemployed. By 2006, 13% of men in this group were unemployed. A large portion of this unemployment is attributed to blue collar and professional men refusing to accept jobs that fall below their skill and qualification levels, or which don’t offer adequate benefits.

The career and financial uncertainties arising from corporate downsizing has coined terms such as McJob and permatemp. A McJob is a low-paying, low-prestige position requiring few skills and offering little opportunity for advancement. Permatemps are temporary workers who are expected to do the same work as permanent employees but without the benefits or prospect of career advancement.

Network Marketing Offers Pinoys an Alternative to Job Insecurity

Pinoy entrepreneurs looking for financial freedom and a better way of life have turned to network marketing. There are many reasons why network marketing offers a viable alternative to working in the corporate world.

First, a network marketing business can be developed in your spare time while you continue working. Often wives build successful network marketing organisations while their husbands continue to work in the corporate world. Over time, the network marketing business grows large enough to support the whole family. In the meantime, it offers an additional income stream and decreases the risks associated with corporate downsizing.

Second, most network marketing businesses require little start-up capital. For many organisations, this is less than US$500. Starting your own business or buying a franchise can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. (And there’s no guarantee that the business will generate sufficient income to repay the money borrowed).

Third, network marketing generates an ongoing stream of residual income. This is especially true for organisations marketing a product that gets used up and needs to be purchased regularly.

Residual Income is the Key to Financial Freedom

Residual income (also called passive income) is one of the greatest benefits offered by network marketing. This is why Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and many other publications, highly recommends network marketing in his books.

Kiyosaki writes about ways to develop residual income streams. They include:

  • networking marketing
  • royalties from patents and copyrighted works
  • sales commissions in some industries, e.g. insurance
  • rental income from property investment
  • dividends from shares

With the exception of network marketing, most of these methods require large amounts of capital, time, or both to generate long-term results.

With a small investment and dedication, network marketing has helped pinoy families take control of their financial destinies by generating a residual income. They have found a solution to corporate downsizing in the form of network marketing.

More importantly, residual income from network marketing can lay the foundation for your future wealth and financial freedom.

Besides the financial benefits, Pinoys have found one of the greatest benefits of network marketing is that it can be operated as a home-based business.

A Home-Based Business Offers Flexibility

Many pinoy families with children of school age often find it challenging to balance work and family life. Many employers demand strict adherence to the firm’s hours. When a child gets ill at school, for example, the mum must leave work and bring the child home. You may have found yourself in this type of dilemma before and know how frustrating it can be.

This need for flexibility can be viewed in broader terms as a desire to gain personal freedom. The most alluring aspect of starting a home-based business is the opportunity to gain control over your own life. As a home-based business owner you can shape your work life around your own goals. There are no bosses to follow, no corporate cultures to live by and no rigid work schedules. If you enjoy getting up early, you can start work early and finish early. If you enjoy getting up late, you can start your workday later and finish later. You have the freedom to work and earn as you choose.

A Home-Based Business Can Save You Time

You can gain financial and time benefits by working from home. Just think of the time and transportation costs you can save by not having to commute to an office each day. Even if you commute half an hour each way to and from work, it adds up to 5 hours each week, or 250 hours each year. You probably can find much better ways to use this time. If you now drive to work, you can eventually save thousands of dollars by reducing the amount you spend petrol and car maintenance costs by starting a home-based business.

A Home-Based Business Can Be Beneficial for Family Relationships

Many decide to start home-based businesses to strengthen family relationships. Most parents have to work full time just to provide for their families. They don’t have the time to enjoy parenthood. Home-based businesses makes it possible for parents to enjoy parenting. Husbands and wives can assist each other with various parts of the business while older children can also be directly involved. Even younger children gain from seeing how business is conducted. Children learn about working together as a team and goal setting, which often isn’t taught in their schools. A home business can be an important part of the child’s education and help build stronger family bonds.

A Home-Based Business Can Reduce Stress

Many pinoys have chosen to start home businesses to reduce stress. Much of the stress today is caused by the attempt to juggle work and family commitments. With a home business you can stay at home to care for a sick child, or older relative. You can prepare and share dinner with your family without feeling rushed.

Office politics and personality conflicts are another part of corporate life and are causes of work stress. By working from home you can decrease stress by avoiding these politics and personality conflicts. You can also decrease stress by freeing yourself from the deadlines that are imposed on you from above. In addition, having to drive to your work adds stress at the beginning and end of your day. Many people find this to be a highly stressful part of their lives.

Home-Based Business Trends

Home-based business is becoming more and more popular in the Asia-Pacific region in countries such as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.

A recent article in the New Straits Times presented several women who operate successful businesses from their homes. The article also showed the government’s positive attitude towards the trend. Several government officials quoted in the publication believe that home based businesses add entrepreneurial vibrancy to the communities in which they are located.

Home-based business is becoming more popular in Australia. In June 2004, there were 282,400 home-based businesses in the state of New South Wales in Australia. This represented 63.8% of small businesses in New South Wales.

Opportunities for Pinoys in Network Marketing

Pinoys around the globe have discovered success and financial freedom through network marketing. The growth of network marketing in the Philippines is one way to leverage their businesses even further by working with contact back in the Philippines.

There has been phenomenal growth of network marketing in the Philippines. According to the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines, network marketing sales in the Philippines are around $500 million per year. Being in the top twenty five direct selling markets, the Philippines offers considerable opportunity.
For example, a ground-floor opportunity with one of the world’s most respected network marketing organizations is opening up in the Philippines. This network marketing company has been ranked number around the world. Its health and wellness products have been very highly rated by independent experts. In addition, the company is in a growing market that will continue to boom for the next twenty-five years.

Learn More About the Latest Philippines Network Marketing Opportunity?

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