Baby Boomers and the Health and Nutrition Network Marketing Revolution

Timing the market

Timing is a big factor for business success.  If you spot a trend early enough you will be more likely to profit from it. This can be the key to attaining financial independence.

One of the biggest trends today come from the baby boomers' desire for health and longevity.  If you positon yourself to fulfil the needs of the baby boomers, you can build a profitable business and create financial independence.

The next big thing

Born beginning in 1946, the baby boomers have always been the source of significant trends in most industralised nations.  When they were infants companies marketing baby food and nappies grew substantially.  As the baby boomers grew up, they spawned other economic trends These include:

  • 1950's - substantial growth in toy production and building of primary schools
  • 1960's - as the baby boomers became teenagers - rise of fast food chains and the music industry
  • 1980's - as more boomers entered the market - real estate booms
  • 1990's - as early baby boomers reached peak spending years - growth of discount superstores.

Although baby boomers make up one-third of the developed world's population, they control two-thirds of its wealth.  The first baby boomers are now reaching retirement age but they don't intend to "grow old gracefully" as their parents did


What do baby boomers want?

Baby boomers want to feel young, stay fit and be active.  They want to keep a youthful appearance.  In other words, they don't want to grow old.  Despite this, they are starting to suffer from degenerative disease.  They want smart solutions to their health problems.

A growing number of baby boomers are using nutritional supplements to maintain optimal health and combat ageing.  They're using these supplements to prevent or reverse the degenerative diseases that plagued their parents.

Baby boomers' high disposable income combined with their growing concerns about health are the foundation for the ongoing trend in the growth of the health and wellness industry.


A One Trillion Dollar Industry

Paul Zane Pilzer is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, economic advisor to US presidents and trend forecaster.  He summarised his ideas on the baby boomer health and wellness trend when he said,

"When I look forward to the year 2010, I see a clear one-trillion, dollar (US) business just in the growth of existing products and services in the wellness industry and that doesn't include new products and services that are currently int he laboratory and coming down the pike.

The decision of many baby boomers to take their health into their own hands by using nutritional supplements isn't wishful thinking.  It is based on scientific research.

In the Benefits of Nutritional Supplements, The Council for Responsible Nutrition (based in Washington, D.C.) reviewed over a decade's worth of scientific research measuring the health benefits of multivitamins and other nutritional supplements.

They found that nutritional supplements can promote health and help prevent disease among the baby boomers.

Annette Dickinson, Ph.D and author of the report, said,

"The critical mass of science now building around the material impact of supplementation on adults in mid-life is extremely positive.

The data underscores the opportunity baby boomers have to significantly improve both their short and long-term health outlook with very simple lifestyle changes.  Like not smoking and getting regular exercise, supplement use is now being shown to have a dramatic, positive effect on health"


Here for the long term

The first baby boomers, born in 1946, are just entering their sixties and on average are expected to live at least another 20 years.  The last baby boomers, born in 1964, are only in their early forties and are expected to live into their eighties.  As more baby boomers recognise the health benefits of nutritional supplementation, the industry will continue to experience substantial growth for at least the next forty years.

The only question is, are you going to be one of the smart people who recognises the trend and uses it to attain financial freedom?


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